Why use a broker?

Most owners have an emotional attachement to their business or property and this can get in the way of negotiating and achieving the best price.  A good broker will have the experience of working with buyers and understaning the genuine ones.

There are many reasons you should use an experienced commercial agent to sell your property/business. Below are just FIVE reasons to consider.
1. PRICING: It is important to understand what is the realistic market price. Too high and your property will become stale and unattractive to buyers. A good agent should be able to advise you on the best price point to market your asset to ensure you get the highest possible price in today's marketplace. They should also be able to guide you, on the selling time process - not all commercial properties or business sell quickly as others due to factors such a bank lending and industry growth/sustainability.
2. EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT: Buyers can request a lot and point out the weaknesses, and this can be disheartening for the owner. As we don't have the emotional attachment, we are ready to handle and cope with such queries and point out the strengths.
2. TIME CONSTRAINTS: We identify and qualify buyers before proceeding thus weeding out the non-genuine purchasers. Selling your own business can be time-consuming and result in you not being focused on your day to day operation, and this can become very stressful. We do see many sellers fatigued from trying to cope selling themselves.
3. INFORMATION PROVIDED: We compile all the information on your property/business to ensure that the buyer is provided with data that is presented in a professional manner and that can assist in their due diligence process.
4. TARGET MARKETING: We have a substantial database of buyers wanting to invest in a property/businesses, and this can reduce the selling time to find a suitable buyer. We also do specific target marketing that is customised to your property/business.
5. NEGOTIATION SKILLS: We have the experience in negotiations and proven sales record. Closing a deal successfully is generally the most difficult part the selling process. Many sales can be lost or the selling priced reduced due to this.
If you have a good agent, they will work with you so you can understand the market and get the best possible price for you. Many owners sell their own property not wanting to pay the commission and is this worth the stress and pitfall that could occur? We are experienced and can help guide you through the selling process.